(almost) Everything I've done in 2021

(almost) Everything I've done in 2021

First off, I want to wish everyone reading this a happy new year. May it be filled with joy, great work and happiness. I am kicking the year of trying to summarise my work of 2021 and polishing my effort to become a better writer - In other news, my portfolio now has a blog section. I call it "Words".

Last year I posted a video summing up 2020, If you want to see it you can do so here. This year I am trying to do something else. Writing...

Having done interface design for the past 10 years, 2021 was a big learning year for me. I've been experimenting with 3D throughout the years, but this year was finally the year it caught on. The thing I had the most fun with was probably digital fashion. Having no prior experience with sewing I had a ton of fun learning something completely different, starting from scratch.

Below I've picked some of the project I've worked on over the past year. Thanks to everyone involved.

RUND released

You can't really say 2021 without mentioning NFT (Non-Fungible-Token). In 2021 I had my first "dip" into creating a collection. I call it RUND (round in English) and it's based around a circle with things in motion.

If you want to see more, have a look at the Opensea page.


Continuing this year, I've put hours into my "on the side" startup Rubberduck. Everything is still running "under the radar" but hopefully 2022 will be a big year for this tiny endeavour into "making freelance less lonely".


I worked together with RETERNITY to re-create their beautiful "Tour Life" college jacket in 3D. It was a true challenge to mimic the texture, the woven material and general fit digitally. See the work here.

Distorted People x DAZN

In continuation of the college jacket I also had the pleasure to work with another German brand. Distorted People. Distorted People had created a hoodie in collaboration with DAZN and wanted a promotional piece. The hoodie was sold out in mere minutes. See the piece here


I worked with Pipegrade on relaunching their website with a fresh new look and a fun 3d animation explaining their proposition. The whole thing was then implemented in webflow. Have a look yourself.

Maus Clothing

I've stopped counting for how many years I've wanted to create some of my own clothing. 2021 took me a step closer to realizing that dream. I am putting final touches on a hoodie that will hopefully see the day of light in 2022. Fingers crossed.


Mineral had a slow year, but the dream of building my own app still lives on. The app is half way done and I hope I will finish it end 2022.


Not much to be said about codename "Hurra" yet other than it's an app and you will probably hear more about it this year (2022). Stay tuned for more soon.

Iconfinder Illustration Landingpage

This year Iconfinder launched illustrations. They approached me asking for a landingpage with the illustrations in action.

Logo refresh

Starting the year off right with refreshing the look of the maus logo. Still recognisable but now sporting a fresh "glassy" look. See it spin here.

Den Uafhængige

I've worked with newly founded "Den Uafhængige" (the independant) on their online presence, ranging from website, podcast covers and app. The process of implementing the changes hasn't yet furfilled so stay tuned for 2022 and see it in action.

Doodles in iPad

This year I got a new iPad with matching Apple Pencil. While traveling in Berlin I doodled some Characters. Gonna do more of that. Much fun!

Dark iOS icons

Early in 2021 I worked on a theme for iOS. Just like back in the good old days. See full reveal.

Gameboy Cartridges

On-the-side project imagining if social media existed in the Gameboy era.


The effort to map out all the best coffee spots continued this year. Check out the project here


Together with itriguing yet venomous Danish band HUGORM I have created this "silencing face filter" expecting it to hit the scoreboard as the new most hyped marketing feature, which aligns so spot on with HUGORM who embraces shouting, roaring, soul cleansing, freaking out and making all the nonsense shut up through their cosmic sound universe.


Copenhagen has so many good restaurants that it’s impossible to remember - or choose. So we made a list of spots we like, and left the rest up to chance. Link

Puffer Jacket Collab

I ended the year by announcing my Blueprint Puffer Collab. Together with 4 amazing artists I am launching the “Blueprint Puffer Collab”.  Each artist, has with their own unique style provided a “print” to go on the MAUS signature puffer. Stay tuned for more.

Happy new year to everyone following and may 2022 be a great year.

🐭 Rasmus

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